The love affair between Critic and Creative, Left-Brain and Right-Brain

by Nathaniel Hansen, Athens, Greece

A central first thought about those entering social initially: lighten up! Have fun! If social networking is like a cocktail party, then treat it as such: this is when humans get to have fun! Find what you love and be THERE.

To continue: jaded individuals and critics are THE greatest allies to creative, social beings, pushing the Creatives to higher heights of brilliance. In the best case scenario, these two are like lovers: The Critic and The Creative, driving, enticing, seducing, pushing one another to their best.

To be more clear: Love exists and always will. Find what/who you love and socialize about that, market that, sell that. If you don’t love it, aren’t into it, and only are pushing it for money, this will become abundantly clear. The passionate brands sell fun (after identifying pain points, of course)! Some fun ad campaigns out now:


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