KPIs: Our number one focus is to increase your market share in your niches. We focus on specific key performance indicators to track and measure the results of our work. These KPIs are used to measure our performance and are based upon best-practice use of social analytics, relationship marketing and content-marketing (see The Content Grid).

We take the following actions on your behalf and in partnership with you:

SOFTWARE TRAINING: Educating brand/corporate staff in use of social software, such as HootSuite, Jive and social monitoring software.


CONTENT-MARKETING: Coaching and mentoring brand/corporate staff in best-practice content marketing and social sales. Specifically, how to develop content pieces on the fly while listening to conversations and how to turn interactions into sales.

EDITORIAL CALENDARS: Creation of editorial calendars for brand marketing staff. This is often based upon market audits and listening projects we put in place.

AUDITS: Creation of market/brand audits from start to finish.


CULTURE-CHANGE COACHING: Educating brand/corporate staff in best-practice culture change as related to social business, ie.- encouraging managers from different silos (HR, PR, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, C-Suite) to meet regularly, encouraging all silos to use social analytics to drive greater efficiencies, guiding the C-Suite in leading culture change related to social business.

RESEARCH & INFOGRAPHICS: Design of research, conducting of market research based upon social data, creation of infographics based upon market research.


Email us at info@thesocializers.com.