Why choosing light is vital!!

Humanity has just entered Spring. The light is brighter and the possibilities are endless. Seeds and blossoms will begin to burst forth from the physical earth. And each one of us, as we have pondered and nurtured through the cold winter months, has blossoms and fruit to bear this year. The right choice in such circumstances is simply to shine!

One of the first actions to take in shining is following your heart. Your physical body is telling you where the branches and flowers and fruit are within you. In fact, that ache in your body, that yearning, is associated with images. And those images are a path to fruition. Try creating a painting or a collage of images from magazines as a method for seeing your inner path. Try that out today!

Light reveals images. Choosing light at this time of the year is the right action to take. You’ll see your path more clearly and you will make better decisions as a result. So if you have a choice between being negative or being positive‚Ķchoose the latter in this season. You’ll gain more clarity. And you will see that inner path like a yellow brick road.

If you need any more inspiration on this, check out this old gospel song called This Little Light of Mine. It’s fantastic!!!


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