Why choosing light is vital!!

Humanity has just entered Spring. The light is brighter and the possibilities are endless. Seeds and blossoms will begin to burst forth from the physical earth. And each one of us, as we have pondered and nurtured through the cold winter months, has blossoms and fruit to bear this year. The right choice in such circumstances is simply to shine!

One of the first actions to take in shining is following your heart. Your physical body is telling you where the branches and flowers and fruit are within you. In fact, that ache in your body, that yearning, is associated with images. And those images are a path to fruition. Try creating a painting or a collage of images from magazines as a method for seeing your inner path. Try that out today!

Light reveals images. Choosing light at this time of the year is the right action to take. You’ll see your path more clearly and you will make better decisions as a result. So if you have a choice between being negative or being positive…choose the latter in this season. You’ll gain more clarity. And you will see that inner path like a yellow brick road.

If you need any more inspiration on this, check out this old gospel song called This Little Light of Mine. It’s fantastic!!!

Listening technologies aid heart-based initiatives

Love does not dominate, it cultivates. – Goethe

Creating an organization characterized by heart-orientation requires leadership to implement listening technologies and human-run analyses of conversations. These analyses can lead to extremely effective internal and external focus groups geared towards bringing employee and customer needs to the forefront. Such research also exposes potentials for excellence previously unnoticed. This “positive shadow potential” can be just what an organization needs to move forward into the next level of excellence.

Unconscious processes are a central reality of organizational life, just as in individual life. Effective market research using social data can reveal such processes. When I peer into the conversations surrounding an organization and within an organization, much is revealed about the workings and doings of that team. A primary value for large enterprises in hiring a market research team to work internally is discovery of shadow aspects within the silos. When unseen trends within staff are revealed through conversation research, leadership can take steps to elevate positive potential and heal negative propensities.

Seeing into the heart of an organization via social listening projects is a very effective measure for weaving the strengths of the silos together for total organizational success. For example, the customer-facing staff who are involved in servicing complaints and solving technical difficulties are often at odds with quantitative, sales-driven staff. The results-orientation around money in the sales department runs contrary to the nurturing orientation in the customer service department. Sales leaders need to hear the chief complaints from customers via the market research staff. This will help the sales staff to bring their pitches into closer alignment with what the customer truly wants and needs.

To cultivate a heart-based organization, leadership must itself be willing to invest in a unit focused on listening. This is the first step in nurturing deep growth and consistent attention customer need.

Being tapped into the spiritual and emotional root of a circumstance is vital to true contribution.

Being tapped into the spiritual and emotional root of a circumstance is vital to true contribution. There is literally an image-lineage behind everything you touch in the physical realm. This is no less true in the social realm. The human imagination sources from a seemingly endless, relatively invisible realm. Creatives populate screens with their translations of this realm. A fabulous result of the increasing transparency taking place IS the revealing of humanity’s spiritual and emotional eco-system. This same environment has yielded all of our inventions. The chronicling of movement has reached the minutest of shades. Every single step is now visualized and then re-mashed into a multitude of configurations.

One might ask, What is humanity up to right now? Our old paradigm is in shambles, yet at the same time so many new channels have opened up that, at least in some communities, no-one seems to mind. Concepts critical to the previous infrastructure have disappeared overnight, quickly replaced by fabulous new methods of relating to and communicating with one another. So what are we up to? In the face of crisis, we are huddling together, circling together, bonding with one another and seeing one another (in some cases for the first time). Virtual nations have been birthed within weeks, virtual economies have flowered within months, virtual relationship is a red-hot experience and commodity. Humanity is tapping into its greatest resource: It’s heart.

~ Nathaniel Hansen, April 21, 2010 – Athens, Greece