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Dealing with crisis in a healthy manner

Movement into social networks is fabulous evidence that the world is dealing with crisis in a healthy manner: humanity appears to be gathering into circles and seeking solutions with like-minded peers. The movement is essentially feminine and nurturing, precisely what humanity needs at this time. Social is characterized by love, benevolence and community. Its leaders have genuine smiles on their faces.

Nathaniel Hansen, Athens, Greece, 2010

Six Social Media Trends for 2010

With the popularity of social media ever on the rise, it’s no surprise that industry experts are weighing in on SM trends for 2010.

Things to look for: Increased popularity in mobile and sharing functionality, tighter workplace regulations on employee profiles and a continuation in companies looking for cost-effective ways to serve their customers through access to online support – further proof that companies are looking to social media for cost-savings and optimal monetization.

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