Social Network-Weaving

“Social Network-Weaving” is a digital craft in which two distinct communities are interlaced via technology to form the fabric of a new online network. Humanity needs social-tech devices that hold a selection of social objects (tweets, status updates, videos, photos) “in place”, while other social objects are woven through them. Ideally these will be social objects from opposing communities, like Capitalist and Communist, or Right and Left. The blended communities will reveal previously un-discovered solutions to all manner of conflicts.



1. Opposing Viewpoints:
2. Input keywords related to opposing viewpoints into Listorious, WeFollow and to discover Influencers leading the dialogue online.
3. Extract social objects (tweets, status updates, blogposts, videos, photos) from all shades of THE WORLD WIDE MIND related to the opposing sides.
4. Mash-up ( these objects to discover similar and dissimilar aspects.
5. Post these mash-ups into threads of the Influencers as a means of instigating debate, pushing current dialogue AND blending opposing realities. Discover “thread-communties” at Disqus. Discover question communities at Quora.
6. Listen to responses in these threads and notice who is pro-active with the content, who is creative, who is a critic. Use Social Monitoring solutions like and others.
7. Create new social communities from these threads and populate with content from the debates that have ensued. Invite the most vocal of participants. Use Posterous to create communities fast.


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