Creativity and Critique: The Dance of Life

MY STATEMENT ON FACEBOOK: Currently THE coolest social/brand ad game out there!


FRIEND ONE: One friend replied, “Very cool… Its really interactive and connects with some great websites and services. Great idea.”

FRIEND TWO: Another replied, “I’m not sure why people would do it if they don’t get something from it. It’s not that fun and it doesn’t seem to give you anything. I’d be curious how this site did but I don’t think that something like this which isn’t great game- play would work. Different story if it is a cool game that has a lot invested in it and people want to play it and get something out of it.”

THOUGHTS ON THE TWO RESPONSES: BOTH perspectives are needed and important. OUR WORLD needs a blend of the creative-enthusiast AND the critic-refiner. Each grows the other. Creativity that grows out of the rich soil of critique is the magic this world needs! Creativity involves play, grows out of play. It’s the dance of a tendril through rock and soil into sunshine, air and rain.


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