social tech

Good Social Tech works on multiple dimensions

Social technology has caused an acceleration in the evolution of human consciousness and spirituality. In realizing that more connections are available than one person can possibly take advantage of in a lifetime, the individual is presented with the choice of complexity or simplicity. Simplicity could be stated as essence, or realization, or self-actualization. Social technology precipitates simplicity. Why? Because good social tech takes away excessive boundaries and obstacles to connection. When I can connect to my bliss, to my passion, all else fades away. Good social tech facilitates swift connection to passion and methodologies for remaining in touch with and deepening that passion.

A great example of this is the work that our tech now does in showing us similar items to those we like – in music, film, photography, literature, travel and relationships. I can buy a song on iTunes and receive a focused list of other songs that those similar to myself also like. This results in swift creation of a tribe and an interest graph. Our interest graph is the passionate group surrounding similar interests. Those faces form a different kind of affinity, which grows in volume very easily due to social tech. And once one has tasted leadership within a tribe of passion, there really is no going back. Why? Because then one has found a path of discovery that attaches to the heart, the single most important physical and spiritual muscle!

Leonardo da Vinci has said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Good social tech creates sophisticated humans, who are in touch with both physical AND spiritual gratification.