social stream

Why study influencers' social streams?

When one goes slowly and with imagination through a list of influencers, reading about their passions, studying their proclivities, observing the vicissitudes of mood and opinion in their social stream…a story emerges and forms about that individual, about their market sector and about the customer in that sector. And it is such stories that form the basis of potent marketing campaigns, the focus of which is to grow awareness of YOUR product/service.

The collective multi-dimensional experience

Fabulous global-novel woven with status updates; Terrific Troubadours tweeting the current IT; Visionary Directors/Editors mashing, and re-mashing, billions of minutes of movement and music; Rivers of images finding semantic-tributaries…what was hidden is now apparent, the human psyche is now opening into a collectively-realized multi-dimensional experience. What will be the FIRST singular thought to pass like a wave across every social property?

~ Nathaniel Hansen