do it

Grow your forest. The world needs oxygen NOW!

The way out of anything is to go INTO it, so deeply into it that you find the core. The core is usually like a seed or a small infant, no matter what the outer aspects look like. Take that seed, that infant, in your hands, in your arms and it will offer up its need and desire to you. Fulfilling that need and desire at the core of any puzzle, any challenge, any hardened situation, usually results in a fresh flow of life-juice. Peace and Joy are the natural outcome of such love.

Right now our world has a connective digital tissue. It is called the Internet. The Internet has become like flesh now. It is sensitized because of the people who are constantly using digital networks to communicate. And this communication moves very swiftly around the planet. At the push of a one button in the smallest apartment, at an island home or on a farm by the sea, a message can be sent and arrive EVERYWHERE.

It seems there are so many puzzles that humans are trying to figure out at this time in history. And we have the tools at our fingertips.

1. IDENTIFY YOUR MISSION: Use a pen and paper to write it down.

2. NAME YOUR MISSION and CLAIM IT: Go to and a domain registrar and claim the name of your mission.

3. FLESH OUT YOUR MESSAGE WITH TEXT, IMAGES, MOVIES, MUSIC AND MUCH MORE: Go to the World Wide Mind and study each type of major social property. Find content related to your mission in these properties by using the Search field. As you do this, you will be discovering a community of like-minded folks. Make a note of their profiles in an Excel spreadsheet. If you spend a whole day doing this, going around The World Wide Mind, you may have discovered hundreds of new friends. Oh, and mash up all of this great content you find, along with your own, to create the first coloring of your own network.


5. BUILD YOUR COMMUNITY: Contact each of the individuals on your spreadsheet by sending them a personal note appreciating their content. Invite them to be a friend.


7. STATE YOUR GOALS AND INVITE OTHERS TO JOIN YOU: Write simple short messages each day as tweets, Facebook posts, Flickr photo uploads, YouTube uploads, Twitpics, a song addd to, a presentation placed on SlideShare. Socialize these messages to ALL of the social properties in which you are present.

8. TAKE ACTION: Now create an event using or EventBrite and invite people to come and interact. Find like-minded people in the digital networks and invite them. Meeting in the flesh is amazing, especially after having been kindred souls in the digital networks. Use a community like Challenge Post or Giveo to get your cause out there and get something done!

Its never too late to enter social networks. And there’s no right way to be social. After all, as the great mystic Ziauddin Sardar says, “There is more than one way to be a human being.” So go be yourself. Totally. Go where you want to go in social networks and you will find people just like you there!