On AR Commerce

Years ago I walked into a large ballroom at the Biltmore Hotel in Montecito with a rep from CISCO. He handed me a little blue booklet. It was CISCO’s plan for commerce in the year we now inhabit – 2010!

Fast forward to this month and we have a fabulous rendition by Gary Hayes of what this book held + a summary by Barry O’Sullivan, SVP at CISCO, of predictions for this year. Mr. O’Sullivan’s 10th point on his list states:

“Customer Collaboration – organizations will continue to evolve the way they interact with their customers, responding to the ground swell of demand for consumer / vendor engagement in public arenas such as social networking sites and specialized forums. We expect to see early majority adoption of social customer care (what we call customer collaboration) solutions among larger organizations.” (Barry O’Sullivan’s full article here).

Mr. Hayes’ excellent video vision reflects Mr. O’Sullivan’s prediction and takes it several steps further, giving us an exciting preview of what is possible now! (Mr. Hayes’ video preview of Augmented Reality commerce here).