The Secret of Artificial Intelligence: The human is the "last mile"

‎”The secret of AI is that the human is the “last mile.” You have to make the final decisions. Search/analytics, tools, etc. can only get you into the right proximity.” ~Tim O’Reilly

Think of an area in which you would like accurate predictions of future events. Now imagine a network of humans and computers that makes predictions in this area –not perfectly, but better than was possible before. And imagine that these predictions get better and better over time as the network learns from its own experience. ~MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

How can people and computers be connected so that-collectively-they act more intelligently than any individuals, groups, or computers have ever done before? ~MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

The trend I’m seeing is that the world is evolving from a social graph towards an interest graph. ~Jodee Rich


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