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Webcast: Social Intelligence and Foresight by Recorded Future and The Socializers

Recorded Future ( was joined by Nathaniel Hansen, CEO of The Socializers, to discuss how temporal analytic technology supports in-depth social web research. We discussed how identifying key web sources and potentially catalytic future events supports social intelligence research.

The presentation includes an introduction to Recorded Future’s technology from CEO Dr. Christopher Ahlberg, a brief a live demo of our analytic tools, and discussion of how the Socializers map and measure the most influential online figures.

You are already living on your planet. Own it!

If you knew for certain that the afterlife involved a planet ALL yours, what images would fill your imagination of this planet?

Consider living on that planet today.

STEP #1 – IMAGE: Antoine de Saint-Exupery writes, “A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.”
Assemble images that match what you want. Use social photo sites like and Create a vision board with these images or just gather them together in an album in Facebook. The point is to be inside of the image and the best starting point is the image itself.

STEP #2 – MEET UP: Meet others who share the same interests. Search terms in Facebook, find meetups at, attend events via The point of this step is to take action and step INTO the forest of images you gathered IN THE FLESH.

STEP #3 – PREPARE: Prepare to transition. After having met others who share your exact interests, you’ll probably be “juiced”. It’s time to pack for your journey. Excellent resources for the nitty-gritty of doing so may be found at AND

STEP #4 – GO: If you have done Steps 1-3, you are much further along toward “the thing”, “the people”, “the place”, and “the how” of your own planet. Now take action!

The Socializers presents in Cyprus and Piraeus Bank (WINBank) wins social banking award in Paris

Two news updates from Europe on The Socializers.

One: Nathaniel Hansen, CEO of The Socializers, presented at IMH 9th Communications Conference in Nicosia, Cyprus on May 27, 2011. See video below, find the presentation at Slideshare and read more about A Thousand True Fans here.

Two: ‎TheSocializers are very proud of our client winbank and Giorgos Gavril, Director of Interactive in winning top social award at EFMA Online Banking!!

Piraeus Bank was awarded by the International Agency European Finance Marketing Association (EFMA), as the leading presence in Social Media in Europe (Best Approach to Social Media in Europe).

According to the announcement, the award was part of the conference “Online banking: the e-volution” held in Paris and covered the platform “Think Green”.

This platform has created an online community of users who are sensitive to environmental issues and share their news and reflections on such topics. It has presence in the most popular social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr) and has already, after about 2 months of operation, more than 5,000 members.”

The Socializers performed social intelligence gathering related to this project and taught bank leaders from the various silos on the principles of social business and the value of engaging in conversations with customers within social networks.