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Share Your Experiences and Story with the World

“Social-networking sites, blogs, online discussion forums and online journals represent modern arenas for individuals to write themselves into being.” ~Theresa Sauter

YOUR JOURNEY IS A GIFT: Your unique journey through the world of human soul work has tremendous value. You’ve seen life in a way no-one else has. And, at the same time, you’ve had an experience that many others will identify with. Share this!

Your first step is to train a video camera upon yourself today and begin filming 60 second segments of your experience. Here are the best camcorders for this year:

Write down 20-30 questions that your life experience answers or speaks to. Design 20-30 short pieces about these questions. Write a few paragraphs on each. Here’s a great book of questions to jump start this process:

Then film these over the course of the day. Consider visiting a location and dressing in a way that communicates the flavor of this specific piece. Two cool sites about film locations: AND

Look straight into the camera and speak to your audience. Imagine your best friend or your child. Speak to your audience with this level of care and love.

Review and edit the pieces.

Over the course of the following week, expand the initial paragraphs into a blog piece for each one.

Tweet lines from each blog piece with trackable links back to your blog and the video pieces on Vimeo or YouTube.

Discover an audience for these pieces through the use of social monitoring tools and audience discovery tools.


Get these video pieces in front of audiences who are already talking about this topic.

As they respond, engage with each person individual and speak with them. Connect in social networks and meet up with these people in person, if possible.

Some will want to work with you in a variety of ways. Do it. Work with them.

Expand your circle of influence, share what you have to share. The world needs you in 2013.


WHAT IS “SOCIAL STORY WEAVING”? The concept behind “social story weaving” is to bring a potential network of Benefit into awareness of itself. No path could be more efficient than telling a story that is the seed of a future reality. In this action, we begin to see how social networks may be used to form connections in a fun, creative way for the benefit of all involved. Want to be woven into a fiction that becomes a reality? Then try it out TODAY!!

SOCIAL STORY #1 – WEAVING FACT AND FICTION INTO WIN-WIN CONNECTIONS: Once upon a time Jason de Silva — -— and Barry Ptolemy — — noticed a girl from Sicily named Gia — —. Her life captured the perfect blend of homeliness and eroticism, nurturing and adventure, Hestia and Aphrodite. Jason and Barry decided to make a home-spun movie about her. Sjoerd Koppert — — provided the sound stages and musical talent for the film. And that is how Uru — —, one of Koppert’s top talents first came to Palermo.

The film followed Gia’s romance with her fiance Jason — — across the continents. The couple purposely chronicles their journey to marriage in the social networks. The tension in the plot comes when multiple suitors begin showing up in Palermo, looking for Gia. And that’s the name of the film: Looking for Gia. In the midst of filming, Ryan Kavanaugh — — at Relativity Media caught wind of the story and wanted in. He put 30 million into the film and the project went to a whole new level. The story demonstrated how stories are woven via social networks every day of the year. The film connects the well-being of the entire planet to the well-being of Gia and Jason’s relationship, showing how the ups and downs of economies, governments and individual’s all depend upon the success of their marriage.

The film’s plot is fascinating because we see through it how everyone has power to shift the direction of humanity and move us forward or backward. There are 8 major tangents that take place in the film. All of these tangents tie back to Gia and Jason’s relationship and the growth of their love.

*This post is dedicated to Gia and Jason Duquestar, two very beautiful souls from Palermo, Sicily.

Follow your muses: a social journey from image to reality using the World Wide Mind

You are sitting on a couch in your living room. There is a feeling in your body, an image in your mind, a story germinating in your heart. And there is desire associated with that feeling, that image, that story. And fear also.

You formulate a question on how to expand that feeling, how to get into that image, how to live that story. You open up your laptop and go to Quora ( You type in your question related to this image, this story. And you get answers from global experts.

You decide to find more experts in this area. You go to Listorious ( and type in words you associate with this story that is growing now. You find leading thinkers in Twitter related to those words. You find lists of people who are living that story.

You create a Twitter account ( You follow all of those leaders. You listen to what they say.

You go to Facebook ( and find those leaders and become friends with a few of them.

You sign up for ( and begin interacting with a unique community built around your story.

An event where many of these new friends and leaders will be shows up via Twitter. You go sign up for the event at EventBrite (

At the event, you see on Foursquare ( that two of your favorite influencers have checked in at a bar around the corner.

After several bottles of wine, you learn about a community of people these two are going to live with next year in 2012. It’s a community that fits your exact ethos, the story that has gone from being an image and a feeling to a reality. You book a ticket on your Kayak app (

While on the plane, you realize that you may need to fund your time away. You take the 11 hour flight to create a Kickstarter project ( and when you land that night you upload it. Within 60 days you have received an ample sum towards producing a documentary film about the process you went through in discovering your dream via social networks.

At the premier of the film at an independent film festival, you meet the love of your life. Someone snaps a photo of the two of you and posts it to Instagram: ( A link to the film’s website is posted in a tweet with the photo. The story gets picked up and posted to the New York Times. The chairman of a transmedia entertainment company loves the story and the film is purchased as part of a global ad campaign for a major clothing brand to demonstrate the power of dreams. You are paid millions of dollars up front and receive healthy royalties for the life of the film.

Later, on a distant beach on a nameless island surrounded by loved ones, you smile and reflect on how effortless it all was.

If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. When you can see that, you begin to meet people who are in your field of bliss, and they open doors to you. I say, follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be. ~Joseph Campbell

Resources: The World Wide Mind