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Social networks can be "mise en abyme", a lived experience of stories within stories

A story within a story, also rendered story-within-a-story, is a literary device in which one narrative is presented during the action of another narrative. Mise en abyme is the French term for a similar literary device (also referring to the practice in heraldry of placing the image of a small shield on a larger shield).

In Wikipedia, it is written that a story within a story (“mise en abyme”) can be used in novels, short stories, plays, television programs, films, poems, songs, and philosophical essays. But I argue that such artistic devices may be used in our real fleshly lives as a means of discovery, innovation and evolution. And I propose that digital social accounts like Facebook contain nested stories, all of which are doorways into alternative experiences or possible existences…a living fabric of “mise en abyme” that you have assembled for any purpose under the sun…

For more on the device “Story within a story” see the Wikipedia entry here:

Marvin Towler, co-founder of The Socializers, identified as one of 16 people who inspire the World on Arianna Huffington's blog!!

What inspires you? The answer to that question can be found in the timeless words of a visionary leader or literary giant, the stunning beauty of historical landmarks and modern marvels, or the fighting spirit and the responsibility to support causes that speak to the very best of what humanity has to offer. The answer is a resounding yes. All of the above.

Truly, inspiration is a brand than can never be oversold. This is why I am excited about profiling the 16 people below. They are among the most respected, motivational voices on Twitter today. They inspire hundreds of thousands with their daily dose of gratitude, use of icons, thought-provoking blogs, support for nonprofits, and a great mix of uplifting quotes and affirmations. (read more and see Marvin Towler at Huffington Post)

More thoughts on transparency…

Has transparency through social networking brought humanity closer to the “truth” or into a more subtle layer, similar to fiction or poetry? The new literary form entitled “status update” lends itself (like fiction) more to psychological narrative, imitating the play of the wandering or dreaming mind…not a bad thing for a humanity in healing from the industrial revolution.
~ Nathaniel Hansen

In the era of social business, FRIENDLY and ethical BUSINESSES will SKYROCKET

In the era of social business, FRIENDLY and ethical BUSINESSES will SKYROCKET. A charismatic leader not only TRANSFORMS THE SOCIETY but also provides a new meaning to human civilization. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Prabhupad – the founder of ISKCON, and Jesus Christ are some of the charismatic leaders who have flown AGAINST THE WIND and have brought radical changes to society. ~ Nathaniel Hansen