Quality Context

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Dear World-Citizen,

Here’s just one of many takes on giving your gift to the world today!

1. GREAT CONTENT: The bottom line in marketing within the social networks is Quality Content WITHIN a Quality Context. @MarvinTowler

2. THERE IS NOTHING TOUGH OR NEW ABOUT IT: And that nothing has changed at all. The local veggie salesman often knows more about socializing than marketeers. Spend a day at the Farmer’s Market! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Me1zCtzwDM0)

3. GOOD RELATIONSHIPS: It’s about relationships. And humanizing business process. http://www.peopleizers.com

4. BREVITY IS THE MOTHER OF WIT: And bite-size storytelling. The best in the world at brevity are Seth Godin (http://www.sethgodin.com/) and Paulo Coelho (http://paulocoelhoblog.com/category/20-second-stories/). All the content is bite-sized. And potent.

5. RIGHT CONTEXT: It’s about placing Content in the right Context in EVERY stripe of The World Wide Mind http://www.theworldwidemind.com/

6. YOUR FRIENDS: It’s about securing A Thousand True Fans who really love what you’ve got to say and show. And who YOU engage with!: https://thesocializers.com/a-thousand-true-fans-as-derived-via-key-influencers/

7. YOUR GIFT(S): It’s about discovering your gift and sharing it!: http://www.discoverthegift.com

8. HUMANS CAN, SO HUMANITY CAN: And blooming where you are planted. Being here now!: http://petereconomides.posterous.com/62354093

But most of all, it’s about doing what you already do right now. Just being you every day! : )

You’re already there. (You’re also a truly radiant being! Keep shining brightly!!)

Nathaniel Hansen