Cultural and Financial Revolution Makers

The efficiencies of particular tech communities, consciousness-communities and VC communities must now be applied to most governments and many aging industrialist-minded corporations (which seem to be guided more by nepotism and cronyism than intellect and foresight). A massive cultural “vacuum-cleaning” must now take place. Gen-Y is alive and kicking and we need the guidance of very particular classy, wise BabyBoomers as part of the revolution that we (humanity) can pull off “overnight”.

(Big Ideas from leading minds and doers – gather to think, disperse and act!)
Do-Lectures – (Big Ideas from leading minds and doers – gather to think, disperse and act!)
Esalen – (Consciousness and Psychology)
Omega Center – (Consciousness and Wellness)
Singularity U. – (Man-Machine relationship)
FELD – (VC thought-leader, Owner of Foundry Group)

TechStars – – (Seed Money VC)
A16z – – (Elite, Theme-Focused VC)
Foundry Group – (Elite, Theme-Focused VC)
KPCB – (Large VC)

GIVEO (Social Good and Giving Solutions)
Egg Strategy – (Qualitative Research)
FelixBNI – (Branding Strategy)
Organic – (Full Service Agency)
Gartner – (Best Business Intelligence in the world)
PeopleBrowsr – (Leading Social Intelligence platform)

Work Can Be Done Anytime, Anywhere!

Work Can Be Done Anytime, Anywhere!

Many web startups are composed of distributed teams. Many more have very loose definitions of “office hours.” Employees might roll in at one in the afternoon; they might stay and work the night away until the wee hours of the morning, too. And a lot of the time, they get to work from home.

Many Gen X and Millennial employees see the ability to work from home as a huge benefit — for some folks we’ve talked to, it counts as much as a pay raise. If you trust that your employees can handle themselves and get their work done on time, consider letting them work from home or adopt more flexible work hours. Your night owls will appreciate the opportunity to work with all pistons firing, and your early birds will love getting home to their loved ones before rush hour traffic starts. And everyone, from CEOs to secretaries, appreciates getting to work in their PJs every now and then.

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