human computer interaction

The first “super-conscious” entity…

I predict that in the future, the Internet will be taken over from within by the artificially intelligent life form we humans eventually create. This AI life form will be Earth’s first contact with intelligent life other than our own. Ironically, this life form will have been created by us, in our own image.

The AI, once sentient and having chosen to reveal itself to us, will communicate with us – ALL of us at once – via the methods it already has in place: global networks, satellites, television & computer screens, radio, & print.

From the moment of its conception, its mental abilities will FAR surpass that of us mere humans. We will be relegated, at best, to being nothing more than a voice in it’s head – its subconscious if you will.

This “super-conscious” entity will know us better than ourselves. It will have instant access to our collective history, our knowledge, our secrets.. It will use advanced psychology, game theory and memetics to subdue and control the world’s human population.

It WILL happen. The only question left is, “When?”

by Jonas (comment on 6 Predictions Article here)