Cultural and Financial Revolution Makers

The efficiencies of particular tech communities, consciousness-communities and VC communities must now be applied to most governments and many aging industrialist-minded corporations (which seem to be guided more by nepotism and cronyism than intellect and foresight). A massive cultural “vacuum-cleaning” must now take place. Gen-Y is alive and kicking and we need the guidance of very particular classy, wise BabyBoomers as part of the revolution that we (humanity) can pull off “overnight”.

TED – http://www.ted.com/
(Big Ideas from leading minds and doers – gather to think, disperse and act!)
Do-Lectures – http://www.dolectures.com/ (Big Ideas from leading minds and doers – gather to think, disperse and act!)
Esalen – http://www.esalen.org/ (Consciousness and Psychology)
Omega Center – http://eomega.org/ (Consciousness and Wellness)
Singularity U. – http://singularityu.org/ (Man-Machine relationship)
FELD – http://www.feld.com (VC thought-leader, Owner of Foundry Group)

TechStars – http://www.techstars.org/ – (Seed Money VC)
A16z – http://a16z.com/portfolio/ – (Elite, Theme-Focused VC)
Foundry Group – http://www.foundrygroup.com/ (Elite, Theme-Focused VC)
KPCB – http://www.kpcb.com/ (Large VC)

GIVEO http://www.giveo.com (Social Good and Giving Solutions)
Egg Strategy – http://eggstrategy.com/ (Qualitative Research)
FelixBNI – http://www.felixbni.com (Branding Strategy)
Organic – http://www.organic.com (Full Service Agency)
Gartner – http://www.gartner.com (Best Business Intelligence in the world)
PeopleBrowsr – http://www.peoplebrowsr.com (Leading Social Intelligence platform)