Love is the Real News

I’ve discovered a few different sources for classic questions that psychologists/therapists ask their clients. Then I’ve taken a few of these questions and created boolean queries in social media monitoring software to “interrogate” the world on these same questions. The results are quite fascinating, to say the least. One thing is for sure, I found that there is a whole lot of love in the world! #love #friends

SAMPLE QUESTION: How often do you get to meet up with friends? 

SAMPLE QUERY: (“I met up with” OR “I went out last weekend” OR “I spent last weekend” OR “I usually go to” OR “I danced with” OR I went to the movies with” OR “I went to dinner with” OR “I went drinking with” OR “I went to the bar with” OR “I went to” OR “I went with” OR “I always go to” OR “I dance with” OR “I drink with” OR “I eat with” OR “I love going to” OR “I had” OR “I do” OR “I love”) NEAR/10 (“my friend” OR “my friends” OR friend OR friends OR mates OR mate OR “best friend” OR “best mates”)








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