From Here to There: How To Open a New World

“Why are you on the Internet so much?” they asked.
“Oh, I’m finding out about more things every day…,” she replied.

Humanity wants a path to a better world. Individuals are looking for a mechanism, a function, to hurdle perceived obstacles.

There is a whole new world of life-giving products, services and processes busting the seams to become mainstream. And there’s an old world of death-dealing things that now needs to pass away. The new world is as inevitable as the attraction between two people whose eyes dance, where the electric meets the magnetic, a gravity that cannot be ignored.

Fortunately, the network has officially eclipsed the hierarchy. Humanity now sits in an ever expanding set of concentric circles. Connecting laterally is far more effective than “climbing the corporate ladder” in today’s paradigm.

If you want to experience your new world take the following steps:

1. 1 HOUR FREE WRITE: Spend an hour free-writing, where you allow the pen to move across the page without editing yourself. (Suggestion: Write with a pen on a pad of paper. See more on why at Julia Cameron’s page about “Morning Pages” here – )
2. THREE KEYWORDS: Next write down a few keywords that capture your feeling after doing this writing.
3. SEARCHING THE KEYWORDS: Search these keywords in every social property and social “device” at The World Wide Mind.
4. ARCHIVING THE IMAGES: Save the images, links and text you find that “fit” or “attract” you.
5. MEETING UP: All of these images, links and texts were created by someone. One of those “someones” is going to jump out to you. Find that person’s social handles and send a message. Meet up with that person in the flesh. Spend some time “in the world” of your images. The experience of going from image to flesh is truly amazing.
6. CREATE A NEW WORLD: Once you’ve tasted this alternative universe that emerged from steps 1-5, you have to calculate the consequences for yourself of fully entering that world. Once you do your calculations, develop your ideas and write down your plans, simply go into that world. You just created it.

This process can be used over and over again. And this process can be used by individuals and enterprises, by students and institutions, by citizens and governments.


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    Below is a revelation of my resistances/questions and wants for this process

    Where do I write this down by hand and keep it?
    Kinesthetic writing with mouse? What if I type?

    Will I follow up on all these steps? Looks like it will take time How will I organize this work flow with for access review necessary components? Where will I put the Archive and save the search results, enter the contacts, make the calls, how will I share the process with those I meet, show them my process? Where and how will I “do your calculations, develop your ideas and write down your plans”? Can i keep it available, manageable fun. do I have time? Will I enjoy it? ….etc.., etc…,

    How about a template/website/ dedicated to the implementation of this tool for individuals, enterprises, students, institutions, citizens and governments? With all the resources in one place?
    OR maybe a GAME plan….full immersion

    click…an image of a mythic gateway appears. Evocative music. “Why RU HERE?” A voice welcomes my inner magician on a journey to enter into a new world of my own creation. I am guided.. Breathe, center. Move through the gate.
    An ancient scroll unfolds. . The cursor becomes a quill, my mouse glides to form the first word….I finish. I write keywords that appear as flaming, breathing images in the forest…a sacred urn appears ahead on the path before me.. I open and inspect the contents, search results, images appear springing from the mists above me…I select those I wish to put in my satchel and continue down the path as dawn approaches….approaches…etc.,….etc.,….

    I may choose from a selection of parchments, stationary, spacious images for my blank creation page. I may choose choose from a selection of tools a pen, a mouse(draw to text), my finger(touchscreen), my voice(to text), keyboard
    Pick from a selection of evocative music for mood while I write..

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