Embracing social media boosts traffic on news sites


The BBC is attempting to embrace social media by appointing a social media editor in its newsroom and redesigning its website. As the September traffic figures for US political blogging site Huffington Post reveal, the strategy is clearly a wise one. In short: embracing social media boosts traffic.

The figures speak for themselves: after the Huffington Post launched a Social News site with Facebook Connect in the middle of August, comScore credited the site with 6,825,000 unique users in September. That is up impressive 50% year on year, and slightly overtaking the Washington Post website. According to the Nielsen’s September report, the Huffington Post is at 9.47 million unique users, compared with the BBC’s 7.2 million.

When Staci D Kramer from paidContent got a chance to interview the Huffington Post CEO, Eric Hippeau, he revealed some more details: Facebook referral traffic is up 48% since the launch and accounted for 3.5 million visits, so 15% of all the comments now come from Facebook. And according to the Huffington Post’s internal statistics, those numbers continue to build. … read more

Layar Augmented Reality App Launches for iPhone 3Gs

Seminal AR announced today that they are offering their new augmented reality app, Layar, for free on iTunes. There’s only one catch – users have to have a 3Gs iPhone.

Using the built-in location-based map, users choose a layer to overlay their “real time” view, allowing them to view varying data including nearby bars and restaurants, wikipedia entries about locations in close proximity and even nearby twitter users.

Mashable covered the article best, so read on for more information: Layar augmented reality app

Going Viral With Video: Think Outside of the Box and Double Your Pleasure

Using video to virally propel a message, idea or promotion isn’t anything new in the world of new media marketing. Here’s an insider secret: The idea is to create something good enough, creative enough and sticky enough that people want to talk about it and share it. And the best way to do that is to be loud, funny and outside of the box. Complex and expensive graphics, design and transitions aren’t always the key. Being memorable is.

Create something that you’d want to send to your friends because it made you think, or because it made you laugh. People love to talk, and that conversation can easily be about your brand IF you make the talk worth buzzing about.

Sometimes videos just go viral on their own because they are THAT good. Here’s one example of a video that very accidentally went viral:

Since July 19, this video has received close to 13 million hits, over 100 unique clips and 50,000 comments. The wedding party-including the bride and groom-were even invited to re-create the moment on the Today Show:

JK Wedding Dance – The Today Show

And, after being parodied on the most recent episode of The Office, hits for the same link have spiked yet again.

Like photos, videos can be an extremely effective tool in telling your story. Just remember to make it creative, fresh and most importantly, something you’d pass along to your friends.

Latest Facebook facts from Tom Chisolm, Midwest Director of Ad Sales for Facebook

Howard Brown of Circle Builders attended a presentation last evening from the Midwest director of ad-sales for Facbook – Tom Chisholm

He covers 5 Midwest states and accounts for advertising like 3 autos, PG, Kellogg’s, Compuware, Quicken Loans

Social graph (you at center then family, college, work) of connection, sharing and conversations:

•92% of ALL college students have a FB account
•1 million new registered user a DAY (1/3 US / 2/3rds International)
•74 languages (more native tongues on the way
•324 million total users up 100m this year (1/3 US / 2/3rds International) (intense infrastructure to handle this never been done before bandwidth, storage, processing power…)
•70 million photos posted a day (largest photo sharing site in the world – all others combined do not equal FB)
•4 times the amount of events than evite
•Avg stay time (stickiness) 19.6 minutes
•Analytics – 200 data points per user profile (data is Trojan horse to revenue with advertisers)
•40% of all user profiles public ally list cell phone #
•FB connect has been a game changer
•Best advertisers – Virgin, Addidas, Starbucks
•No plans to charge users – FB will monetize by acting as ad agency:

national accounts
regional / small biz

FB considers:
Web 1.0 = static
Web 2.0 = interactive
Web 3.0 = sharing

Just became cash flow positive last month

FB is content to become the worlds largest monopoly / utility